The Cablecomb™

Cablecomb™, born from a simple concept by a group dedicated to the cabling industry. The idea, simple in design, provides a wealth of advantages to the cabling installation sector.

Product Range - 16, 24, 32, 48 & 96 Way For Category 5, 5E, 6 & 7

Cablecomb™ Kits are sold in singles supplied complete with full instructions. Cablecomb™ products may be used on a variety of different type cables including co-ax and fibre. Cablecomb™ products are NOT to be used on any electrical cabling.

The Aim

To provide a product specifically designed to organize any number of cables, from installations ranging in size from small offices to large multi-thousand outlet installations, into a manageable, organized and structured procedure helping cabling engineers achieve consistent results every time.

The Cable Comb

The Concept

The concept was designed to fulfill the requirement: to produce a simple to use product to aid installation engineers in the presentation of cabling installations, in addition to assisting with terminating techniques.

The Result

Only now can cabling installations be produced to the highest exacting standards, consistently and efficiently. At Cablecomb™ we believe we have an unrivalled commitment to providing the highest possible level of service.

Summary Of The Key Benefits Of Using Cablecomb™

White Papers

An Overview Of The Cablecomb

The cablecomb relates to a product designed to help assist in the laborious and time consuming task of looming cables associated with network cabling. Cablecomb is unique in that there are no products on the market which loom cables with the accuracy, tidiness and above all the speed in which the cablecomb achieves this. Most importantly, the cablecomb can be used by anyone unfamiliar with looming cables in what is regarded as a skilled trade when carried out correctly.

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Problems Associated With Cable Dressing

When Network or optical cables are installed in a building or cabinet, the task of fitting cables into an organised bundle is called 'cable dressing'. This dressed bundle is called a 'loom'. A dressed loom of cables is typically a bundle of cables with the outermost cables – that is, the visible cables made to look neat and organised with cable lengths running parallel to one another.

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